Frequently Asked Questions

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PVM Data Services

PVM Data Services


Which conversion factors are used?

For “Dated Brent” we use the CF 7,567 from $/bbl to $/mt as shown on SCA (Swap and Crack Assessment) report. For more detailed information please contact us.

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Which markets are covered by PVM?

Crude Oil
European Products: NWE and the Mediterranean
Singapore Products and selected other indices of the Asian region

Can I see an index overview (indexlist) of all indices?

For a list of indices covered please click here.

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In which file format do you offer your data?

We offer our data in .csv format (comma separated values). Files containing the relevant data can be downloaded from our FTP-server.

Can I use PVM’s data in any RM-Software?

Yes. As the .csv file format is a common format and can be integrated in various RM-Softwaresystems.

Do you offer a holiday calendar?

Yes, our holiday calendar for swaps data can be obtained here.

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How many months ahead are covered?

Normally up to 12 months are covered. For selective indices we offer coverage for 2-3 years out.

Do you have a history of data to fill my database?

Yes. Historical data is available as far back as the year 2000 – depending on the index in question.